Please see the sections below for more information about managing your Items.

Viewing your Items

To view the items you currently have in your Online Gallery account, click on the Items option in the menu bar.

Once the page has loaded you will see your items on the screen along with all of the management tools:

Adding/Modifying your Items

To add a new item to your Online Gallery, select the Items option in the menu and click on the link named "Add New Item". To modify an already existing item, click on the "Edit Details" button underneath the item you with to modify while in the Gallery view (see section above on how to view your Items).

Once the form has loaded you are free to fill out all of the information about the item. Fields with a red background are required fields and must be entered for the artwork to be added. These fields are:

  • A Title
  • A Country of Origin
  • Atleast 1 category
  • Atleast 1 medium
  • A start date
  • The price

The optional fields are:

  • Artist(s)
  • School(s)
  • Your stock code for the item
  • Description/Expertise
  • Provenance
  • Exhibitions
  • Literature
  • Condition of the object
  • Signed, Inscribed & Dated information
  • Medium description
  • Keywords for use in our search engine
  • Dimensions, including the dimension type (cm, mm, inches).
  • End date
  • Price and currency
  • Status of the item
  • Image upload (up to a maximum of three images at once)
  • Galleries the item is to be visible on.

We would recommend filling in as much information as you can, and to use the correct fields for your information. For instance dont put the dimensions details into the description of the item, use the text boxes given to you for putting them in otherwise people will not be able to search your item using the advanced dimensions search on our websites.

Item Visibility

To make an item visible on a gallery it must:

  1. Not be globally hidden (using the Hide Item button on the gallery display)
  2. Have the gallery checked on the galleries tab of the item form.

Please note that on some websites some further constraints might be in use such as the item has to be for sale (ie the sold checkbox NOT checked and the not for sale checkbox NOT checked).

If your item is not visible on a category page on a website please wait 30 minutes as we have a caching mechanism in place to increase system performance.

Removing your Items

To remove an item from your gallery click on the button labeled "Delete" on the gallery management screen. Once you have confirmed you want the item to be deleted it will be removed from all websites and from your gallery management page.

If you make a mistake and delete an item you may request that it be restored by sending a request via email to

Hints and Tips

We have compiled the following list of hints and tips:

  • Always enter as many relevant keywords as possible, BUT do not saturate the keywords with vague and incorrect entries, as these will just give people incorrect results.
  • If you are having trouble uploading your images (either its taking too long or our website doesn't seem to accept them) then download our Image Optimiser and put your images into it prior to uploading them onto the website. Click here to go to the Image Optimiser download page.
  • Always enter a short relevant title.
  • Put in as much information as you can, our form has got alot of different values you can enter so take advantage of that by putting as much information into the form as possible.
  • Link to Artists and Schools, if you know who made the piece then enter an artist, if the artist does not exist then create them! The more information the better.