Artists & Schools

Viewing your Artists

To view all of the artists you have ever created or linked an item to click on the Artists, Makers, Schools option in the top menu.

The page will load a large list of artists giving you the ability to either add new ones or to modify the details of an already existing artist.

Adding/Modifying an Artist

There are two methods for adding a new artist:

  1. While adding/editing an artwork
  2. Using the Artists and Schools manager

The only way to modify an already existing artist is to visit the Artists and Schools manager (see section above) and to click on the modify link next to the artists name.

When you are adding/modifying an artist you are given a number of fields to complete, some of which are required:

  • Surname/Family name/Maker/Factory
  • Country
  • Birth date

Adding an Artist to an Item

Adding an Artist to an Item is done through the Item Form (see Items) and is done by using a special searching text box. Typing in the artists name will get our system to search our artist database for matching artists. Once you see the artist in the list below simply click on the artist and click on the Save details button.