Your Galleries

The number of galleries your stock can be visible on is dependent upon your trade association membership.

Currently we run the websites for the following trade associations:

We are currently running websites for the following fairs:

If you are exhibiting at any of these fairs and have an Online Gallery you may set your stock to be visible on these websites too. If you do not have an Online Gallery but are exhibiting at any of the fairs above you gain access to a 'fair' Online Gallery account, allowing you to add your stock to the fair websites.

And we also run the following websites:

Membership of a trade association listed above allows you to have a gallery on their website, plus membership of any trade association who is a member of CINOA allows your stock to also be visible on the CINOA and Onlinegalleries websites.

If we run your website then you will also have the ability to make your stock visible on there too.

Adding an Item to a Gallery

To add an Item to a Gallery, you must click on the "Edit Details" button on the Gallery Management display (see section Items).

Once the form has loaded click on the end tab named Galleries. Listed on this pane are the galleries you can add your item to. Check the box of the website you want your item to be displayed on then save the item.

The item will now be visible on that website.