Online Catalogs

What are Online Catalogs?

An Online Catalog is a new way to present your stock to potential customers on our participating websites.

Each catalog can have the following:

  • A gallery of items selected from your already uploaded stock, or upload new items just for the exhibition!
  • A pool of other images, such as photographs of the venue (if the Online Catalog is joined with a visitable event).
  • Multiple venues and dates, if your exhibition is moving around the country you can make a list of dates for each venue it will appear at.
  • Categorisation in the Online Galleries Category tree.

For more information about Online Catalogs and current participating websites please email

Adding/Editing a Catalogs Details

To add a new exhibition simply select the Online Catalogs menu at the top left of the page, and select Add an Online Catalog from the submenu.

The online catalogs menu.

If you wish to modify an already existing exhibition then click on the Your Online Catalogs link then once the page has loaded, find the catalog you wish to change and click on the Modify Details button next to it.

Already existing catalogs.

Once you have clicked on either the Add an Online Catalog link or the Modify Details button you will be presented with the Online Catalogs form. This form compromises five different tabs:

  • Catalog Introduction - which contains:
    • The title
    • The to and from dates
    • The description, curator and author
    • A link to a publication (if there is one)
    • The main image, to be used for the thumbnail in results on our websites.
  • Settings - which contains:
    • Visibility to the general public
    • Title display settings
    • Catalog ordering settings
  • Private - which contains:
    • Is the catalog private?
    • Password entry
  • Locations -  allows you to link multiple locations and dates to your exhibition.
  • Categories - allows you to categorise your Online Catalog so the public can find it on a participating website.

The catalog form.

Once you have filled out all required fields you will be able to create/save your Online Catalog.

Adding Items to a Catalog

Once you have created your Online Catalog you will want to populate its catalog with stock items. You can do this in two ways, if you have already existing stock you wish to place in the Online Catalog, click on the Items button next to your catalog.

On the right is the Add items button which you need to press be able to link your items to your catalog.

You will see that then the page reloads you will be presented with the Gallery Management interface, but with the buttons beneath each item replaced with a small checkbox. If this checkbox is checked, then the item is already in the Online Catalog, if it is not then the item is not in the catalog. To add/remove items simply click on the checkbox.

If you are adding a new item to your Online Gallery so that you can add it to your Online Catalog, you will see on the Item Form that on the final Galleries tab there will be a list of your catalogs. Like with the other websites above, you just need to check the checkbox next to the catalog you want your new item to be a part of.

Image Pool

The Image Pool is just a name for a gallery of related photographs. Each photograph can have a title and a description, and will be displayed on our websites along with all of your other catalog information.

To visit the image pool for an catalog simply click on the Image Pool button next to the catalog. This will load the Image Pool for that catalog and will allow you to upload new photographs or change the details of already existing ones. We will automatically resize the images for you and in the future we will be using the zoomer on all images in the Image Pool that are of sufficient resolution to do so.

You can select which image you wish to be the main image (or the thumbnail people will see when browsing our websites) by clicking on the make main image link under any of the images in the Image Pool.


Your Online Catalogs can have multiple venues, each one with a date range for when your catalog will feature at said venue.

To add a venue to your catalog you simply have to click on the Add an additional Venue option.

This will open a new window with a form that will allow you to find your venue in the drop down list by typing in as little as 3 letters of the venue name. If your venue is not in the list then you can click on the button labeled "Can't find it? Add a venue" next to the drop down list.

The locations pane of the Online Exhibitions detail form.

Once you have found your venue, you simply need to add the start and end dates of the exhibit there, and if you want you can also add an optional link. Once you have entered the dates, and the optional link, you just need to click on the button labeled "Add location". The page will now reload and your venue will have been added to your list of locations.