For Trade Associations

Managing your Dealers

For each of your dealers on the system there is the ability to:

  • Modify the listing details for that dealer.
  • Manage the addresses for that dealer.
  • Categorize the dealer according to their specializations.
  • Upload logos and other images to be displayed next to the dealer listing.
  • Delete the dealer (this is reversible).

Modification of listing details

To modify the listing details for a dealer, click on the Details link next to the dealers name in your list of dealers. Once the form has loaded there are a number of fields, these are:

  • Unique Ref - Your unique identifier for the dealer in your own database/spreadsheet.
  • Year Admitted - The year the dealer became a member of your association.
  • Trading Initials - The first part of their full trading name.
  • Trading Name - The second part of their full trading name, the dealer listings are ordered alphabetically depending on the first letter in this field.
  • Established - When the dealership was established.
  • Address, Town, County, Postcode, Country - The location of the dealership.
  • Timezone - The timezone of the location of the dealer i.e. “Nov-March: GMT+10 (EST+10); April-Oct: GMT+11”
  • Contacts - Three contact names for us to store for this dealer, websites may only display two by design (such as CINOA).
  • Telephone - Two land line telephone numbers.
  • Fax - Two land line fax numbers.
  • Mobile Telephone - Two mobile telephone numbers.
  • Email - Two email addresses (please note this is required if the dealer is to receive messages through our system)
  • Website - Two websites.
  • Stock - The specialties for the dealer entered as a paragraph of readable English text.
  • Keywords - Keywords that are used by our search engine to match search terms to results i.e. table mahogany Victorian.
  • Opening Hours - The hours the dealership is open.Other Info - Information describing the dealership.

A bold field name denotes a required field.

Once you have either filled out the form for a new dealer, or have made your changes to an already existing one simply click on the save dealer button at the bottom of the page.

Managing Addresses

A dealership may have more than one address displaying on the CINOA website. Clicking on the Addresses link next to a dealer on the list of dealers will give you a screen showing every address currently attached to that dealer.

To add/edit and address simply click on the add a new address link or on the edit link under the address you with to edit. Once the form has loaded you will see the following fields:

  • Address – 3 lines for an address to be entered.
  • Town
  • County
  • Postcode
  • Country

Bold fields are required.

Once you have either entered a new address or change an old one, click on the save button at the bottom to save your changes.

Categorizations by Specialty

To categorize a dealer by specialty, simply click on the Specializations link next to a dealer in the dealers list. Our system allows two levels of categorizations for dealers: Primary and Secondary.

Primary specializations are for dealers who mainly deal in a particular category of stock, and secondary are for people who deal in a category of stock, but it is not a major specialization. Clicking on either the primary or secondary links will display to you the CINOA category tree.

Using the + and – buttons beside each category you can navigate deeper or higher in the category tree, while checking any check box next to a category name will mean the dealer should display in that category.

When you are done selecting categories simple click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.


We allow any number of logos/images to be uploaded for a dealer, though only a certain number will display on websites due to their design (e.g Cinoa will display only the main logo, Bada will display two images).

To manage the logos/images for a dealer click on the Images link next to a dealers name in the dealer list. Once the page has loaded you will see the images currently attached to that dealer (if there are any). To upload an image simply press on the browse button at the top and select the image you wish to use.

Once you have uploaded all of your images you should select a main image to use as the dealerships main logo. To remove an image at any time just click on the “Remove this image” link below the image you wish to remove.


To delete a dealer simply click on the Delete link next to a dealer on the dealer listing. Confirm that you wish to delete the dealer on the next page and the dealer will be removed from our system.

If you accidentally remove a dealer please inform us at and we will reverse your deletion.

Upload Facility

We have an upload and import facility which is available on request. To request more information please contact