Multilingual Items

We have recently added support for multilingual entries for your items on the websites we host. We currently support three languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish

We have also added in support for automatic translation between languages supported by the system we use for translation (Altavista Babelfish), at the moment this means we can only automatically translate between English and French.

For more information on how to take advantage of multilingual entries read the sections below.

Whats my default language?

Your default language will be the language of the home country of your trade association, if your trade association has a website, or English. Currently we have 5 trade association websites:

  • BADA - English
  • LAPADA - English
  • SLAD - English
  • SKA - Swedish
  • APA - Portuguese

How do I enter my details in another language?

When you are entering your item details into our website, you will see on the last tab of the form (Galleries) there is a new languages section. Listed in this languages section will be every language available to you:

In this list you have the ability to select if you wish to enter details in the language, and (if available) if you would like to have your content auto-translated.

To enter the details yourself simply check the enter language checkbox next to the language you wish to enter the details in, make sure the auto-translate box is unchecked if it isn't already, then press the Save details button to carry on to the next screen.

Entering the language

Once you have selected which languages you wish to enter and submitted the form, you will be given another form for each of the new languages you wish to enter:

Now all you have to do is either change or translate the text in the fields to be the language you want it to be. Once you have completed this for each language on the form simply click on the save button in the bottom right hand corner.

How do my items show on your websites?

Our websites will display items with entries in the same language as the website is currently showing, but if that is not possible then they will display items in a default language for that website.

If your item has been automatically translated there will always be a message on the detail page stating this fact, along with a link to see the original content entered by yourself.