Online Catalogs FAQ

Q. My Online Catalog is not visible on my website! How can I make it visible?

When a catalog is created it defaults to being invisible to the public, to stop half finished work from being visible to visitors to your website. Once you have finished the details of your catalog you need to make it visible, which can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Modify the catalog by loading the catalog form, on the settings panel set the catalog to be visible to the public.
  2. Click the button labeled "Show" next to the catalog on the catalog list page.

Q. How do I add shots of my stall to an Online Catalog?

Shots of your stall should be added to the catalog using the image pool tool, each image should be given a title and a description.

Q. Should I add pictures of items through the image pool instead of adding an item?

Definitely not, the item tools are there for a reason. Adding them through the item tools allows for your items to be properly cataloged, which in turn makes your catalog look more professional.

Q. I've accidentally archived an Online Catalog! How do I get it back?

Send an email to telling us who you are and what the name of the catalog is.

Q. My catalog disappeared after I put a large far-future date range into it! Where has it gone?

Your catalog has probably been removed or hidden due to our terms and conditions. Putting fake or incorrect dates on an online catalog which leads to favoritism in the search results for catalogs will mean we shall hide your catalog from the public.