The Image Optimiser


To install the Image Optimiser you must first of all download it from the following location:

Once you have downloaded the installer above, double click on the file named ImageOptimiser.exe to start the installation process. Follow the onscreen instructions when the installer opens up, and accept any security messages you may encounter.

When the installation is finished, the Image Optmiser will run automatically.

You are now ready to start optimising your images for your Online Gallery.

What is the Optimiser?

The optimiser is a small application we have developed that does the following two things:

  • Resizes images
  • Optimises file size

The image optimiser will resize an image to a maximum of 2880 X 2880 pixels if the size of the original file is greater than these dimensions, if the image is smaller than 2880 X 2880 then the image optimiser will NOT resize the image.

When the new image is being saved, the image optimiser reduces it file size to make it quicker for upload, it does this by removing any extra information in the image that is not required by your Online Gallery.

Using the Optimiser

Optimising Images

To optimise some images, or a single image, using the optimiser simply click on the button labeled 'Add' and browse for the files you wish to optimise.

Once you have all of the images you wish to optimise listed in the optimiser, simply click on the optimise all button and wait for the optimiser to complete its task.

Configuring the Optimiser

The optimiser has the following configurable settings:

  • Prefix or suffix a string onto the new filename
  • What string to use in the prefix or suffix
  • The location to save the optimised images (the default is a folder on your desktop named "Optimised Images")

To change the settings goto the File menu, then click on the Settings option.

Change the settings to the values you would like to use and click on the button labeled 'Ok' to save them. The settings will be loaded in the next time you run the Image Optimiser so you do not have to set them each time.